Author: Kiran K Singha

How To Grow Your Business Digitally

  Do you know what marketing is?   Looking for marketing strategies most effective for business growth?   How to develop a brand?   How to communicate with audiences?   I will try to explain all these concepts of marketing here. Many times people confuse it with selling, but it is not so. A product selling starts after it is launched whereas marketing starts before its launch.   Marketing is part of a business. You must make your customer happy and listen to them to grow your business. A customer’s demand, needs, and preferences keeps changing and you must try… Read More

How To Become A Digital Marketing Freelancer?

Have you ever thought about becoming a Digital Marketing Freelancer? In this article you will read about digital marketing freelance as an amazing choice for you to grow professionally, develop new skills, expand your network, and fall in love with the job you do.     These are the topics below that we will discuss here in a brief manner, that are related to the freelancing career. What does it mean to be a digital marketing freelancer? What are the day-to-day strategies of a freelance digital marketer? What skills are needed to be a digital marketing freelancer? Where you can find… Read More