How To Become A Digital Marketing Freelancer?

Have you ever thought about becoming a Digital Marketing Freelancer?

In this article you will read about digital marketing freelance as an amazing choice for you to grow professionally, develop new skills, expand your network, and fall in love with the job you do.



These are the topics below that we will discuss here in a brief manner, that are related to the freelancing career.

What does it mean to be a digital marketing freelancer?

What are the day-to-day strategies of a freelance digital marketer?

What skills are needed to be a digital marketing freelancer?

Where you can find the best freelance digital marketing jobs?

What are the income expectations?

How can anyone become a better freelancer?


Let’s discuss all these one by one to understand better about the concept of a digital marketing freelancer.

What does it mean to be a digital marketing freelancer?

A freelancer can be anyone. It can be a student or a 40-year old that comes from technical engineering. Freelancing is a lifestyle that anyone can adopt at any point in their life and career and it matters how and where you do it, not your past, school, jobs, or companies. I believe that anyone can do marketing.

A freelance digital marketer is a professional with multiple ranges of skills from content and copywriting to social media, search engine optimization, ad creation, building websites, strategy building, and design. Digital marketers are all over the internet – they’re engaged in the online communities, join conversations on LinkedIn, share great content on Facebook and try to do anything they can to make sure their clients reach their goals.

What are the day-to-day strategies of a freelance digital marketer?

There are multiple responsibilities and tasks to do, and they vary every day, depending on clients. As a digital marketing freelancer – learning becomes a daily thing, because you need to keep yourself up-to-date with everything that is happening online.

The important day-to-day activities of a freelancer include:

  1. Creating digital marketing strategies
  2. Sending monthly reports to the clients
  3. Setting up KPIs
  4. Writing blog posts
  5. Create PDFs, eBooks, presentations, or any other promotional materials
  6. Write newsletters
  7. Copywriting for the website
  8. Make Facebook or Google Ads
  9. Search Engine Optimisation
  10. Build backlinks for the website authority
  11. Onboard meeting for new clients
  12. Build the marketing funnel
  13. Improve conversions and CTAs


What skills are needed to be a digital marketing freelancer?

Firstly, set your expectations right. Freelancers need to be doing lots of stuff and multitasking like never before. It sometimes gets to situations where everything is in chaos. He might have a half-written paragraphs of an article, some pieces of design left in the trash, a client meeting and there’s always something to catch up on. There’s a lot to learn in freelance marketing. You can become an expert in marketing by learning all types of marketing skills or choose something to specialize in. Also, always keep an eye on marketing trends.


Where you can find the best freelance digital marketing jobs?

Freelancer is not a typical employee job in a company. They can easily choose from any variety of clients, depending on the budget and job required. Digital marketers working as freelancers provide their own conditions and consultancy services on an independent basis. And many of them find their next client on one of the following popular freelancing platforms:


    The Dots

    LinkedIn Jobs


    ClearVoice Marketplace



    People Per Hour



Make sure you have a great description on your profile, good profile picture, and a personalized message when looking to apply for a job. It will highly increase your chances.


What is the salary or income of a freelancer?

If you are hardworking, there really is no limit to how much you can earn. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs just keep growing, and it’s because they’re bold and eager to promote themselves. Companies will be more drawn to you and be willing to pay more when they see you’re serious.

According to ZipRecruiter the average annual salary for freelance writers in the United States was $63,488 in 2019.

It’s important to note, however, that these numbers were global averages, and freelance take-home pay can vary greatly depending on the industry, billing method and whether freelancing is a person’s primary source of income.

Everyone doesn’t have the same access to traditional higher education, but the beauty of the internet is that as long as you’re connected, you have access to an almost infinite amount of knowledge. People can learn skills from watching online tutorials, reading e-books and following the latest trends on blogs. So when it comes to making an impact on the freelance marketplaces, it matters a lot less where you acquired your skills from, as long as you can do the job.”


How to become a better freelancer?

Freelancing is in many ways identical to running a small business. When you create a business plan for your freelancing career you can better outline your goals and how you plan to meet them.

When work is low, work on your own projects to keep your talents sharp. In addition to working off of freelancing platforms, grow your online presence by building a website and social media profiles for your business. Meeting other freelancers is a great way to expand your horizons and find connections that could prove to be valuable.

If you need more work, find a business that could use your services and give them a call or send them an email. Many times, cold calling is much more effective than you might think.

When a client is happy with your work, politely ask if they would care to leave you a review. Most clients will be happy to leave a review when prompted in this manner.

Soft skills such as communication and understanding clients’ needs can be every bit as important as the skills specific to your trade.

If you enjoy doing a particular type of project, showcase it on your portfolio. Clients needing that type of project done will then be more likely to hire you.



Goal-setting is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you stay motivated. Set daily goals for the amount of work you want to do, goals for your yearly income, goals for the growth of your business, and more to ensure that you are always moving forward.

To be a freelancer, you must build a website to attract clients and for personal branding. This will help you in finding clients more easily. WordPress is an open source content management system where you can build your own blog or website. To know more about the benefits of WordPress click here.

After you have set up your WordPress blog start writing contents. Use keywords that will rank you on Google search. To know how to start blogging click here.

You can read article on digital marketing tips on this website too. Also, have a look at this article to know how you can take your business online with digital marketing techniques.

If you want to learn everything about digital marketing and want to become a digital marketer you must check out Here you will find everything related to the digital marketing field.

With every project you take on, make it your mission to deliver your very best possible work. Going above and beyond each time leads to great reviews and lifelong clients.

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